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A Little About Me... 

About Shatara...

Hello, and thank you for taking some time to get to know a little about me. My name is Shatara Sheppard. I received my masters degree from Lenoir Rhyne, University in Asheville, North Carolina in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and is a member of the  National Board of Certified Counselor.  

The therapeutic relationship that develops while working with clients has been amazingly beautiful and a complete honor in helping others feel safe and begin their unique, creative process of processing painful experiences, life challenges and living a more healthier lifestyle. 

Are you on the fence about seeking therapy? Well, trust me "I get it!" Some self-disclosure about myself is, therapy was not something that was discussed in my family of origin. However, as an adult I sought therapy to receive unbiased, non-judgment support to help process moments in my life. While family and friends were often a great support; having a professional, non-judgmental and therapeutic environment is what creates the space that allows one to go deep within.



 Ultimately we know what  awaits on the other side of fear is freedom

- Marilyn Ferguson


Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, 

Public Speaker, Trainer & Educator 


"When we are able to reflect on our inner wounds and deepest parts of ourselves, then we have created a sacred space to evolve "