"Know your Potential"

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

So… I write this post to reach out to those who are in the process of transitioning into something beautiful in their lives.

So here goes… I was getting out of my car approaching my front door when all of a sudden I see this weird looking creature stuck on my door. I yelled out “Oh my what is this!”, in hopes that maybe this weird looking creature would hear me or see me and do whatever it needed to do to protect itself and go away. However, it did not it just stayed stuck on the door.

My son heard me, so he ran to see what it was. He took a quick glance at it and said “I don’t know what that is a mom”, and rushed into the garage and grabbed the broom. As soon as he drew back the broom to strike at this weird looking thing, I suddenly realized what it was and yelled No, stop it’s almost a butterfly, I mean it’s a caterpillar in its final phase in becoming a butterfly. As I stood back with my mouth dropped open and hands up as if to rescue it, the small creature came tumbling down.

Oh, how terrible I felt. I mean come on what was I thinking, I should have not been so quick to react, I should have known this was only a caterpillar in its cocoon. Something must have made it feel my door was a safe place. When we both realized we had made a Huge mistake we tried our very best to think of ways to prevent any further harm. My son gently swept it behind a flower vase for its protection, and we kept a watch on it for several days.

I could visually see that the cocoon was moving slowly up and down, so thankfully it still had a life! We watched for several days until one day it was no longer there. We could only assume it must have blossomed into the butterfly it was always destined to become…

The moral of this story is to share the analogy you have crawled around slowly like a caterpillar, but that is not your final destination. You are on a journey to become your greatest self and reach your ultimate goal, and that is to spread your beautiful, vibrant colorful wings and fly like the butterfly.

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