Complementary & Alternative Therapies 


Hypnotherapy is a natural, holistic, gentle approach that allows you to innately access your highest state of consciousness - the subconscious.  It is a relaxing process where you are in total control and your highest state of being is awakened. Hypnotherapy has been around for centuries and is increasingly showing it's beneficial natural healing force in modern day health. It is safe, natural and was approved by the American Medical Association in 1958.  


The subconscious is where the core belief systems forms- the way we view self and the world around us: patterned thinking and behaving, feelings, emotions,  impulses, desires, motivation, fears, beliefs are stored within the subconscious.  Even while you were in your birth mother's womb, the subconscious remembers. It its the source of control in our everyday life. The capacity of the subconscious mind is unlimited and it influences everything about you and your beliefs. Think about it... have you ever tried to stop a behavior and felt unsuccessful despite your many attempts? Well, this is because the subconscious conditioned and the patterned belief systems is habitual in nature and informing your everyday life in ways that are no longer serving you. 


Do you have a dream of accomplishing something; opening a business, career move, weight loss, addiction, healing from past trauma, etc. and you continue to be unsuccessful at your goal? Well, if this sounds familiar then this is due to your core belief system. With hypnotherapy, you are able to move more confidently and freely past your limiting belief system. Releasing patterned ways of being that are no longer of service to you. 

You will listen to therapeutic music as I use a calming yet affirming positive tone into guided imagery, positive suggestions, and deepening techniques to speak directly into your highest natural state - the subconscious. I am passionate about helping others explore their innate abilities and clear their path into healing and freedom. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT-tapping):

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), is a natural, holistic and powerful treatment approach to therapy. It has been referred to as the "modern miracle". The human body is fueled by electrical impulses that generates throughout the body. Therefore, when negative events  happen in life it disrupts the energy system, causing there to be an imbalance and blockage of stored energy. The result of this imbalance in the body presents itself in the form of feeling of hopelessness and disempowerment: anxiety, panic, depression, chronic pain and headaches. 

The techniques used in EFT, is a tapping series that you will repeat, breathing and creating space in the body as the stored energy is released. You will experience a cognitive restructure and shift within the body and mind.  Although, there may be memory of the disturbing event; it will no longer be impactful and disturbing in your life. 

Experience your body releasing stored energy from trauma- feelings of hopelessness and disempowerment. In what ways has negative events that has happened in the past continue to show up in your everyday life? Imagine your body shift as the release happens and your mind feeling a serene  sense of calm and peace. 




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